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BAROX BOOSTA HYDRAULIC HLP 32 High-performance hydraulic oil made from highquality raffinates. Thanks to the high thermal stability of the base oils, the aging process is significantly reduced even at elevated temperatures. This decisively helps reduce the formation of sludge, improves cleanliness and promotes the reliability of the hydraulic systems. Excellent oxidation resistance permits lengthy oil life (changing intervals). The outstanding wear protection technology is effective in both low and high load conditions. Good corrosion protection behavior even if water is present. The hydraulic components are thus optimally protected in all operating conditions.

» Excellent wear resistance
» Outstanding corrosion protection
» Highest thermal stability
» Does not attack common sealing materials


For stationary and mobile applications in hydraulic systems in construction, forestry and agricultural machinery such as excavators, tractors etc., hoists, industrial machinery and machine tools, wood splitters, lifting platforms and presses, etc. Comply with the vehicle or aggregate manufacturer‘s instructions

Meets the requirement                                Packaging item No.
HLP ISO VG 32, DIN51524/II                      1L plastic 300004
                                                                  4L Plastic 300005
                                                                  5L plastic 300020
                                                                  208L Drum 300208
                                                                  Bulk 300000