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BAROX ALPHA LI M 460-2MoS2 – high-pressure grease with MoS2 for heavy-duty lubrication

BAROX ALPHA LI M 460-2MoS2 provides great lubrication for roller and friction bearings. It is suitable for use in cars, construction machines, and agricultural machines. Provides excellent lubrication even under wet or dry/dusty working conditions.

Technical data
» Basic Viscosity                     460 mm2/s (400C)
» Temperature range              -300C to +1200C
» Temp. Short Term Up to       1300C
» Drop Point                          ~2000C
» DIN51502
» K 2 K-20
» NLGI 2

Packaging item No.
400g cartri. 506400
1kg Plas. Pail 506001
5kg Bucket 506005
18kg Bucket 506018
180kg drum 503080